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Tips for Submitting Conveyance Searches

Tip 1 – Submit your searches at contract signing

Don’t wait until your closing date to request your searches. Submit your searches when contracts are signed, specify your closing date and we’ll monitor them right up to closing date and then send you a full set of searches on that date. No more surprises!

Tip 2 – Enter deeds dates in 10 year periods

Registry of Deeds searches are per name per 10 years so when submitting your searches add the names for a 10 year period. There will be no additional cost!

 Tip 3 – Spelling errors on Deeds

There can be spelling errors in the deeds. We capture these with synonyms but if you are aware of the spelling difference on an act enter this as one search and the correct spelling as another to ensure all acts are captured.

Tip 4 – Uncommon Name searches

When submitting Registry of Deeds searches for uncommon names add only the name and county to the search requisition. This will return all acts for that county relating to the vendor name.

Tip 5 – Registry of Deeds searches include Soundex and Equivalent matches 

The names entered on Registry of Deeds Searches are subject to Soundex and Equivalent checks so if you have names that may have been registered differently the search logic will pick this up. Example: Margaret otherwise Margot Smith should be entered only as Margaret Smith. Acts will be returned in relation to all variations relevant.

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